"Like Brooke, our son Brian faced a terrifying and debilitating medical condition when he was just
3 years old. Neither of us will ever forget the sleepless nights, the fear and frustration, and the
pain and powerlessness we felt as we watched our child suffer. And I can still hear the voice of
the neurologist telling us that we would have to wait for the hospital to hear from our insurance
company before they could perform the necessary tests to find out what was going on."

Please read my recent facebook post below, First...


My Son At 3 Years Old...


The Letter Created Her Tears...


The Picture That Made Me (always trying
to be the tough guy) To Shed A Tear...


"We were fortunate to be in a financial situation that would allow me to make that demand,
and we were blessed and gratified beyond belief that our son survived the ordeal. Though there
are still some remnants of the condition he had, is now a healthy and happy 6-year-old boy.

But Sally and Chip Isabella don’t know what will happen with Brooke yet. They
are struggling just to get by financially and emotionally as they confront the
unbearable worry and fear that comes with having a seriously ill child."

Right now... I've asked some generous friends of
mine to help me put together a valuable set of bonuses
called "Brooke Bonuses". So far it includes:
Jonathan Mizel, Shawn Casey, Mike Litman, David Frey, Marlon Sanders, Jo Han Mok, Justin Glover, Glen Hopkins, Chris Munch, Ryan Lee, Todd Gross either have or are contributing...Many more are coming :-)

I want to take the "give first" approach with the "Brooke Bonuses"
believing that you will appreciate the gesture and pay it forward by donating.

Here's the "Brooke's Bonus" page where you can easily access
the collection of bonuses. On that page, you will have an OPTION to
donate to help Brooke. But it's not necessary to get the bonuses.

If you donate, great. If you don't, that's great. It's totally optional.

Again, you're under no obligation to do so, but if you do,
and you're able, your generosity will be felt tremendously!